Entitled Humans and Public Transport

Humans are notorious for become selfish and individualistic when their plans are laid waste, particularly when it involves crowds and public transport. This is best viewed when over a million people try to get home after Sydney’s New Year’s Eve festivities.

Within 30 minutes, I saw people go from wishing everyone they see “Happy New Year!”, to whinging about the inadequacies of the public transport system. I heard everything from, “This is just terrible” to “You’d think in such a big city they would have a slicker operation” and “This is a good photo to put on Facebook to showing the inadequacies of Sydney Transport management”. What these people don’t think about before opening their mouths is what is involved in moving that number of people around safely and without injury hurt.

My case in point, the people waiting for buses heading north from North Sydney. They didn’t consider is, before bus marshes could radio drivers, giving the all clear to pick up passengers, the police have to move all party goers off the street. If a bus tried to come through before people were moved out of the way, they would be liable for any injuries they caused from people (or their limbs) being in the way of the bus.

Once the road was cleared, buses parked in Walker Street, could be brought out in quick succession to collect passengers. However, if people started to step off the curb, onto the road and running up the side of the bus to push their way to the front door, the driver stopped the bus the and refuse entry. This behaviour is actually considered trying to board the bus illegally. This goes without saying someone might lose a hand or foot in the process.

When these same people that were winging get on the bus their NYE spirit returns. They’re dancing, kissing, hugging and wishing everyone “Happy New Year”


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